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The "Voyage of the Clammed" Test Drive Meme


The Time Trapper, the being responsible for bringing people into the Legion's universe, is up to some strange tricks! It's now creating illusions of alternate universes and dumping the Legionnaires into them to try to test them as Legionnaires. Each time this happens, the captives -- er, participants have knowledge of the scenario, their role, and what they're supposed to accomplish planted into their heads, but still remember who they once were.

To complicate things, the Legionnaires from the 31st century aren't the only ones pulled into this adventure. Strange people from many worlds are being yanked in and finding themselves thrust right into the heart of these conflicts.

These universes are technically just illusions (probably!) and all the participants have an inherent knowledge of this placed in their heads, but it's up to them if they believe it -- and the danger is real. If you die in one of these scenarios you stay dead. This time everyone is being dumped into a scenario where they're dealing with...

The Titanic II is a luxury space cruise ship named after the original Titanic by a naive Carggite owner that only knows the ship was famous and doesn't know the unfortunate history of the original. Sure enough, like its predecessor, this ship is cursed, and has hit a space icebe--er, comet. It's broken down in a very perilous area of space and has drifted into the territory of the Space Dolphins.

The Space Dolphins have an isolationist empire that spans star systems and prefers to have no contact with the outside galaxy. They are demanding that the passenger and crew of the Titanic II leave their territory immediately and are not accepting any excuses. They've given the ship a paltry half hour to evacuate when it should take at least 1-2 hours. Once the half hour is up, they plan to attack and make the Titanic II crash into a nearby uninhabited planet -- whether it's fully evacuated or not.

Characters may find that they have brand-new superpowers that can help them save the day.

Some characters will find themselves on board the cruise ship with the knowledge it's going to crash. What they do with that knowledge is up to them. Perhaps they'll try to warn the crew, or simply wait it out and prepare with others to act once it happens. Or maybe they'll try to warn passengers away from the section where the comet will impact. In the time before the ship hits the comet, they'll at least be privy to some beautiful sights as they fly past nebulas and planets, but it will be little comfort as they sit there waiting for inevitable disaster. (Maybe they can rearrange some desk chairs?)

This is the mingle option for those that want something other than an action thread.

After the crash, not much can be done to prevent the Space Dolphins from preparing to attack, but they can be distracted somewhat if characters find some fish to distract them with. After stealing fish from confused cooks in the kitchens, they can brave the dangerous vacuum of space to dump what they find outside to create a feeding frenzy that can delay the dolphin attack. Fortunately, there's transuit technology that will allow them to go into vacuum without being encumbered by too much gear.

The ship needs to be evacuated and it needs to be evacuated fast. With fires, machinery breaking down, collapsing floors and walkways, and areas suddenly being exposed to vacuum, and even some explosions, the ship is growing more and more perilous by the minute and the passengers need help and occasional rescue to make it out of dangerous areas and into the lifepods. The engine core is especially dangerous, with broken machinery trapping some of the engineers and mechanics inside, and dangerous radiation leaks that will kill them if they're not freed soon. Characters may find themselves getting into deadly peril while trying to help others, and will need to work together to survive.

The human element is also a factor here. People are getting scared and that means they need to be stopped from trampling each other, or fighting over lifepods. (There are plenty to go around).

An engineer that was a passenger slapped together a device from scrap that can help buy some time by projecting a vibrational frequency that will keep the Space Dolphins a distance away. It can only work for a short time, but buying a little extra time is better than nothing. Unfortunately, it has to be directly attached to a large power source, like the ship's engine. Characters must brave perilous crawlspaces and ventilation systems (including ones with those giant spinny fans), and work together to reach the engine and attach it. (Due to the Time Trapper's meddling, this task can be done in multiple time loops, allowing multiple teams to go through the scenario).

Sometimes in life you just have to punch a hyperintelligent dolphin in the face. With the Space Dolphins finally attacking, it's time to take action before they damage the escaping lifepods or damage the ship enough to make it fall onto the nearby planet before it's fully evacuated. Characters have transuits that will allow them to survive in vacuum, making it so they can fight the Space Dolphins directly. Beware their head-mounted pulse weapons and ion beams, tracking missiles, and that weird painful pokey-thing dolphins do with their noses.

Maybe your character wants to take a moment before the crash to re-enact the "I'm flying!" scene at the bow. Or lasso and ride an annoyed Space Dolphin. Perhaps a missing child needs to be found and reunited with a parent. Or maybe two lovers from different social classes have been separated and one needs your help to find the other. Have an idea for something that you don't see an option for? Go for it!


Current players in game can jump into this and do starters if they like so they can play with new players and each other. This meme will count as part of the game canon for those that opt in, though they'll find their memories somewhat fuzzy afterward. These threads can count toward your AC, however the "new CR" credit cannot be applied since not every character joining in is guaranteed to join the game. This takes place after "Silent Horizon" and "No Sanity Clause."

Potential players can use this as a standard test drive and may use these threads as their log samples. However, at least one post in their thread must fit the requirements for apps, both in length (200 words) and in quality. If you do plan on using a thread as a sample, please make sure the writing throughout your threads is a good example of your writing skills and has some solid examples of the character's voice.

Potential players can also opt to keep these threads as game canon when they app in, so that their character remembers the scenario and then suddenly finds themselves in the game universe. However, this is opt in and players can choose to introduce their characters fresh if they'd prefer that and no other characters will remember they were there. Please just note which you'd like in the additional info field on your app.

If you are considering apping to the game, currently 5 of 40 player slots are available. The character limit is 4 characters per player. You can also scope out some of the game's upcoming plots to get an idea of what kind of plots are in the game and what's to come.

New Player Reserves will open on Friday Feb. 3 @ 10 pm EST.

Non-players who like the meme but aren't really considering apping to the game are free to jump in. The more the merrier! The Time Trapper wants a confusing situation and will enjoy the chaos of lots of strange people trying to figure out what's going on.
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[personal profile] woomy 2017-01-23 07:23 am (UTC)(link)
A: What's a Titanic?

[ Agent 3 lives in a world many, many years after the world flooded, wiping out humans and much of their history. She doesn't know the significance of the Titanic, and if she has even heard of the name, she lacks the context and background.

Even if she likes learning about history, she's less interested in the ship's name and more interested in the fact that they're in space. Her face pressed up close to a window, standing on the tips of her toes if needed. She eyes the numerous bright stars and swirling nebula and tries to spot anything familiar to the night skies she knows.

This is inkredible! I wonder if I can see where the word from on high comes from...

[ If she can find it, imagine what she could tell everyone back home! ]

D: What's the danger in spinning blades?

[ 3 has been listening to the plan for the sonar mechanism, and the plan of going through the ducts sounds good. She's an Inkling. She can shoot ink into the small ducts and swim in it to wherever they need to go. As a squid, she can slip through grates (and spinning blades) with little fear. ]

Is that all? I can help with that. No problem!

[ Why is everyone staring at her so funny? ]

F: Random like a Spyke reroll

[ Want to party with this Inkling another way? This option is for you. ]
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Word from on high, huh?

[Being in space IS pretty rad...even though it's not like Casey hasn't been here before. Maybe he can give a few points to the little squid newbie.]

Eh, that stuff's usually aliens.